Genoa has received the prestigious award of European Capital of Sport for the year 2024  by ACES Europe, the Federation of European Capitals and Cities of Sport, thus becoming the stage for national and international sporting events and numerous projects involving men and women of all ages and abilities.


The events involve more than 20 sports for athletes includingSport climbing, Basketball, Beach Bocce, Football, Table football, Cycling, Coastal Rowing & Beach Sprint, Running, Downhill, Artistic Gymnastics, Handbike, Field Hockey Ju-Jitsu, Swimming, Orienteering, Water Polo, Padel, Volleyball, Fencing, Equestrian Sports, Subbuteo, Tennis, Sailing.


Genoa 2024 pays particular attention to the Promotion of Sport and its values as an opportunity to improve the quality of life of citizens, with a view to sustainability, inclusion and accessibility.

Genoa is one of the three Italian cities to have adopted the guidelines for sustainable events, a legacy of another great sporting event that the city has experienced as a protagonist: the first historic arrival in Italy of the round-the-world race "The Ocean Race". The "guidelines for sustainable events" will be a support for organizers in order to reduce the environmental impact of each event.

Great attention is paid to the world of Paralympic sport both with the sporting events on the calendar and with regard to inclusion and accessibility to the facilities. The goal is to break down all barriers.


Genoa 2024 also represents an opportunity to bring young people closer to sport and promote, again through the practice of sport, healthier and more conscious lifestyles. In this direction, the collaboration with schools is also configured through the active involvement of university students of the degree courses in Sports Sciences and the new course of Sports Policies, Governance and Information.


For Genoa 2024 European Capital of Sport, prestigious faces come into play: athletes, former athletes, coaches, managers, race directors, past Olympians and future Olympians who, with their talent and passion, have been able to establish themselves on the international scene. Genoese by birth or by adoption, they represent the value of sport as well as being players of the highest level and an example for young people. 

Here are some of our faces: Ludovica Cavalli (athletics), Michela Braga (boxing), Paola Fraschini (figure skating), Edoardo Marchetti, Giacomo Costa, Lorenzo Gaione, Edoardo Rocchi, Alessandro Calder (rowing) Viviana Bottaro (karate), Francesco Bocciardo (swimming), Gian Filippo Mirabile (rowing), Marco Lanna (football), Eraldo Pizzo (water polo) and many others.


Genoa is the protagonist with the Lanterna, a key element of the logo that will accompany all the appointments of this very special year. The colors are the universally recognized colors of the five Olympic rings. Brushstrokes we're used to give dynamism, vitality and energy: intrinsic elements of sports practice. 

Logo video animation:


With Genoa 2024, the hashtag #genovasport2024 was born to communicate and stay updated on all the initiatives and appointments of the program.