Genova 2024

European Capital of Sport

One year of Sport

Big national and international sport competitions  

and other events and initiatives to promote the culture of sport 

The Value of  

Genova 2024

Genova 2024 European Capital of Sport supports sport by recognizing its educational and social value, as well as of promotion of the psychophysical well-being of sport activity in all its forms, as established by Art. 33 of the Constitution.

Sport is intended as a tool to achieve sustainable development goals, as enshrined in the UN 2030 Agenda [...]

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in Genova 


Genova offers a 360-degree sports experience. 

Passionate about sports, professional or amateur, in Genoa it’s possible to train between the sea and the mountains, in all seasons of the year.  

Sport and Health 

Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals.

James Naismith

Donna in reggiseno sportivo verde e pantaloncini.
Un bambino nuota in una piscina.
Due donne si danno il cinque in una palestra.
Una persona tiene una ciotola a forma di cuore piena di frutta e verdura.