Sea, mountains and cities:
sport is everywhere in Genova. 

Genoa is not only art, culture and good food, but also an ideal city for sport thanks to its many parks and to the sea and mountains that surround it. Let's start with the seafront, perfect for running, walking and other sports. 

The mild climate allows you to exercise all year round on the splendid promenade that stretches from Nervi to Voltri. 

Trekking and hiking enthusiasts can opt for the panoramic trails of Monte Fascia and the “Parco delle Mura”, from which they can also admire Genoa from above. 

While the Ligurian Sea offers emotions to not only to sailors, canoeists, surfers but also to divers and swimmers. 

Genova, a paradise for outdoor sports. 

Genova offers a 360-degree sports experience. 

Passionate about sports, professional or amateur, in Genova it is possible to train between the sea and the mountains, at all times of the year.

The "Parco delle Mura" and the forts encircling the city just a few minutes from the city center.

Just above the heights opens up a Mediterranean landscape with alpine notes, characterized by trees, walls and breathtaking views. 

The park offers an extraordinary view of the city immersed in this green lung, a space to be enjoyed in all seasons but especially on days when the clear air allows you to gaze into the far distance and see as far as Corsica. 

The ideal backdrop for running, mountain biking, or simply enjoying a nice walk.

Forte Diamante

Live sport!

The Ligurian capital offers endless possibilities for sports related to the sea.

Thanks to its easy access to the Ligurian Sea, it is a true paradise for those who love swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving. 

For boat lovers, Genoa is also ideal thanks to its marina and the proximity of numerous beautiful seaside villages.

Sea and beaches 

For those visiting Genoa a dip in the blue is always a possibility. 

Most of the city's beaches are only a few minutes from the city center, in Corso Italia, but continuing East you reach the tiny bay of Boccadasse, ideal for enjoying sunsets in a characteristic setting. 

Continuing your journey a little further you reach the famous promenade of Nervi with its spectacular rocky shoreline.


Sport in the classroom! 

Investing heavily in the young and very young Genoa aims to become a true European capital of sport.

 Numerous projects have been launched by the Municipality working together with local schools and sports clubs to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. 

Genoese children and adolescents have the opportunity to discover the joy of movement from an early age and become passionate about sport, acquiring healthy habits for the future.

Over 10,000 Genoese students choose sport at school. 

Genoa’s project to promote sport in schools has seen a truly excellent level of participation: 67 schools, 646 classes (both primary and secondary) and involving over 10,000 students.  

The project foresees 10 hours of curricular physical education lessons per class while teachers and sports instructors benefit from an additional 6 hours of specialized training. 

In addition, a specific swimming training project for the youngest students has been inaugurated, with 12 hours of swimming activity in the city’s pools. 

The numbers testify to the success of the initiative in encouraging physical activity among Genoa’s young students. 

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