Coppa Italia Men's Water Polo


Location: Swimming pool of Albaro

The water polo Coppa Italia returns, for the third consecutive year, to the Albaro swimming pools. In the year in which it is the European capital of sport, Genova is once again home to the first important national water polo event. On the weekend of 12th, 13th and 14th April the "Marco Paganuzzi" hosts the highly anticipated Final Eight. For the third consecutive year, the organization is managed by Iren Genova Quinto, with the important collaboration of the Italian Swimming Federation and the Municipality of Genova.

All scheduled matches are broadcast live as per the following programme:

Friday 12th April – Quarter finals
14:00 Pro Recco-Posillipo (live streaming WPChannel)
16:00 RN Savona-Chek Up RN Salerno (live streaming WPChannel)
18:00 CC Ortigia-Iren Genova Quinto (live streaming WPChannel)
20:00 An Brescia-Pallanuoto Trieste (live streaming WPChannel)

Saturday 13th April – Semifinals
13:45: looser Quarto 1-looser Quarto 4 (live streaming
15:45: looser Quarto 2-looser Quarto 3 (live streaming
17:45: winner Quarto 1-winner Quarto 4 (live streaming RaiSport)
19:45: winner Quarto 2-winner Quarto 3 (live streaming RaiSport)

Sunday 14th April – Finals
9:45: looser Semifinale 1-looser Semifinale 2 (live streaming
11:45: winner Semifinale 1-winner Semifinale 2 (live streaming
13:45: looser Semifinale 3-looser Semifinale 4 (live streaming WPChannel)
15:45: winner Semifinale 3-winner Semifinale 4 (live streaming RaiSport)  

At the end of each match a prize will be awarded to the best player. At the end of the tournament there will be awards for best player, best goalkeeper, best young player, top scorer.