European Cup Boulder


Location: Piazza delle Feste, Porto Antico di Genova


The best continental climbers compete in the second and final stage of the international circuit which award the title of winner of the 2024 Senior European Cup, a bouldering specialty which in sport climbing consists of climbing on artificial walls maximum 5 meters high, of varying difficulty without the use of the harness but only with the aid of fall protection mattresses. The competition takes place over two days, on Saturday with the qualifying phases first for men and then for women and on Sunday with the semi-final and final phases, to which 24 and 8 athletes for each gender enter respectively. Friday is the day dedicated to the arrival of the athletes and confirmation of registrations. The competition consists in solving a greater number of paths, or problems, in the least number of attempts, in a limited time. In more detail: in the qualifying phases the athletes compete on 6 blocks (6 men's and 6 women's) and the first 24 athletes who have solved the most routes, in the fewest number of attempts, in a maximum time of 4 minutes each will advance to the semi-final block. In the semi-final and final phases the athletes have 4 blocks to solve, again in 4 minutes.

The week before the race, Piazza delle Feste is  occupied by national and international technical trackers who is responsible for designing the new routes on which the athletes have to compete.

The event has free entry, to ensure that everyone can learn about the peculiarities of this sport and is broadcast live on the official FASI and IFSC channels and on the streaming platform