Torneo Ravano Coppa Paolo Mantovani



The Torneo Ravano Foundation organizes the largest youth school tournament in Europe, now in its 39th edition.

All schools in Genoa have the opportunity to participate in the event dedicated to Alberto Ravano, the manager who led the Sampdoria club for eight seasons. In the month of May, multiple teams made up of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade boys and girls from their school compete in thirteen sports disciplines, under the expert eye of the eleven Sports Federations involved.

The know-how accumulated over thirty-four years has generated regulations based on practice, culminating in an integration project that starts from the optimization of the online registration system. This allows Genoa schools with postcodes that are too close to each other not to meet in the first round, making the experience even more accessible and engaging.

The event develops, encourages and promotes the values ​​of sport to all primary school students (ages 8 - 10 years) with over 6,000 participants who experience the thrill of competing in a unique context and in a climate of fair play choosing from 12 sports disciplines involved in the project.